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Power Blender (HMF-3450S)

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  • Weight4 kg


  • South Korea South Korea

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Power Blender (HMF-3450S)


  1. Front See-Through Window
       There is a see-through window at the front to check the quantity while cutting or grinding food so that the lid does not need to be opened.
  2. Large-Capacity Container
       To put a large quantity of food at once, a deep and wide stain less container was used so that the smell of the food does not permeate the container.
  3. Mixer Main Unit
       The cylinder-shaped mixer main unit does not tip over easily and is safe so that it endures usage on 'strong' with no problem.
  4. Lid Lock / Unlock Button
       Clicking on the black button opens the upper lid, and the lock prevents it from easily opening so that the product can be safely used.
  5. Safety Handle
       When using the mixer on 'strong,' minimizes the mixer movement to allow for a safe and more convenient use.
  6. Switch Button
       4 switch buttons of strong/weak/instant operation/stop allows easy use for anyone, and the error rate is lower than other products.


  • Bottle Capacity: 3,000ml
  • Blending Capacity: 500ml
  • Grinding Capacity: 400ml
  • Bottle: STS
  • Safety Device
  • 4 Buttons: Stop / High / Low / Pulse
  • Titanium coated Blades (Plane, S)
  • Rating: 500W
  • Weight: 3.6kg
More than Powerful

RED MOTOR means:
- Reinforced: Hanil Electric's motor developed with know-how and advanced technologies of nearly half a century
- Efficient:Highly efficient in energy saving
- Durable:Featured with longer life span
Hanil Electric is highly proud of motors developed with our own technologies!

Trusted 100% and satisfying

Titanium-coated Blade
All hanil Electric mixers are with titanium-coated blade stronger, powerful, and hygienic.

Produced in Korea
MADE IN KOREA' mark represents products manufactured in Korea and this follows that Hanil Electric produces electric items in our onw factories. Hanil Electric guarantees high quality of products. It is another pride of Hanil Electric.

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Power Blender -HMF-3450S-

Power Blender -HMF-3450S-

Power Blender -HMF-3450S-